Roxane Francis
Property Manager
02 9554 6634

A high achiever who’s been around the industry for most of her life, Roxane Francis is the Property Manager for Day&Hodgson, looking after the needs of landlords and tenants. Roxane has a couple of degrees to her credit including a Bachelor of Science and received an Academic Achievement Scholarship from UNSW in 2013. Roxane’s done some interesting stuff over the last couple of years including working off the coast of Costa Rica documenting marine turtles and working as a language assistant in France for students studying English. Now she’s doing documents of a different kind and dealing with people from all walks of life, and with some whose first language isn’t English, so it’s great that she’s multi-lingual too! Roxane’s parents had their own real estate agency when she was growing up, so she’s certainly been exposed to life in the property biz. She’s known both Tony and Maria at Day&Hodgson for a long while too, and both Tony and Maria know Roxane’s a perfect fit to head up the Property Management division.

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